Students’ comments about the course

First edition, September  2012

I attended the first edition of this summer course and I may say that it exceeded my expectations. Anna Fedele and Valerio Simoni consistently conjugate classic and contemporaneous perspectives of social sciences in a very didatic way in the same time as keeping the depth of the debates. All the students were strongly encouraged to participate of the discussions bringing an interactive caracter to the lectures. The participation of Miguel Vale de Almeida enriched the debate about sexuality and morality with his great academic background in gender studies as well as his experience in the field of politics. I truly recommend this course!  (Brasilian Ph.D student in Lisbon)


I found the 1st edition of the course well supported and open to discussion. Being an undergraduate, I was exposed to a manner of thought that helped me realize differences of analysis and relations to preconceived mindsets.
The plan and texts were adequate to a good discussion and the presence of one invited professor on one of the days was an excellent idea, giving the attendees another set of ideas with theories and field practices. (BA student from Portugal)


Second edition, September 2013

‘Wow! What a week! This course far exceeded my expectations (and they were very high, I must say). Through a series of lectures, discussions, presentations, a documentary and fieldwork experience the themes of ‘sexuality’ and ‘morality’ are handled in an in-depth manner and provoke new ways of thinking on these subjects, whether you work in or outside academia. The course conveners, Anna Fedele and Valerio Simoni, are two warm people who master an in-depth knowledge of the theories and contemporary debates in and outside anthropology and draw from their own wide-ranging ethnographic experience. Debate is encouraged and there is plenty of room to make your own contribution to this in an open atmosphere. Also, Anna and Valerio take time to discuss questions and issues you might have related to your own research, which I very much appreciated. And not to forget, all of this happens in the beautiful city of Lisbon in the intellectually stimulating environment of the University of Lisbon! I whole-heartedly recommend this course!’ (PhD student from Belgium)


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